We could say that the Brand started back in 1952. But the truth is, Texas Chicken® starts every day, before the sun comes up, when we roll out of bed and begin scratch-making, hand-battering, and honey-butter-drizzling like there’s no tomorrow. Unfortunately, a timeline that shows us being founded every day for the last 60-something years would be really hard to follow, so below, you’ll find a more traditional one that tells our story. Just know we’re hard at work and ready for you and your family to help us write the next chapter.

about olayan

The OLAYAN Group owns the exclusive rights of Texas Chicken in the Western and Southern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & Egypt with major expansion plans in different countries across the region.

The company owns and operates over 30 restaurants spread across the different cities of the UAE and has major expansion plans.

Founded in 2008 First Food Services company is part of the Olayan group and it operates the Texas Chicken restaurants across the region.

The company and its restaurants are 100% locally owned and operated, OLAYAN believes in corporate social responsibility and giving back to our community and hence we always make sure all our profits are reinvested in the local Economy and that we never spare any effort looking for local vendors to supply us with our high quality products and ingredients.

Our well trained and qualified staff members strive to offer our customers the great experience they are looking for.

Olayan Food Division - First Food Services LLC

  phone: +971 4 282 3344

  fax: +971 4 282 8132